2007 Olathe Citizen of the Year

Olathe Chamber of Commerce
2007 "Citizen of the Year" Award

Mayor CopelandOn January 25, 2008, the Olathe Chamber of Commerce announced that Olathe Mayor Michael Copeland would receive the 2007 Olathe Citizen of the Year Award.  The award was presented to Mayor Copeland at the 87th Annual Meeting of the Olathe Chamber of Commerce in front of more than 400 Chamber members at the Olathe Holiday Inn.

The Citizen of the Year Award is the highest individual honor given by the Olathe Chamber of Commerce.  This award is presented to the person whose civic contributions reflect the insight, vision and creativity needed to build and maintain our community.  Char MacCallum, 2007 Chair of the Chamber's Board of Directors said, "Mike's commitment to the Olathe community has made a forever imprint, and we are grateful for his leadership."

Copeland has served as Olathe's Mayor since 2001.  After receiving the award, Mayor Copeland said, "I am grateful and humbly appreciate it.  It is very humbling to look at the long list of deserving people who have come before me."

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