Management Internship

The City of Olathe has a great opportunity for a committed, team-oriented, and highly motivated MPA graduate (or student who has completed all MPA coursework) to join the City Manager’s Office as a Management Intern.  The duties and responsibilities of the Management Intern are designed to further prepare the incumbent for a successful career in local government.  This is a full-time, paid position.

The intern will gain exposure to innovative best practices in our award-winning organization, and will experience a departmental rotation.  The rotation begins in the City Manager's Office.  Upon completion of this rotation, the Intern will move to a select operational department, and will then complete the three-department rotation in the Budget Office.  Throughout the rotations, the Management Intern will have ongoing responsibilities with the City Manager's Office.  We believe this type of rotational experience gives our intern a great overall experience of local government and the challenges and opportunities that can be gained by various projects and experiences. 

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