Department Overview

The City Manager's Office provides responsible, efficient leadership for the City organization and serves the City Council and the citizens of Olathe.  Currently, there are eight department directors and 880 total full-time equivalent positions under the City Manager.  The City Manager's Office continually pushes the organization towards its vision statement, "Setting the Standard for Excellence in Public Service."  The objectives of the City Manager's Office are:

  • Deliver high quality, efficient and affordable, city services
  • Revitalize the city's central core and strengthen neighborhoods
  • Promote and preserve cultural and ethnic diversity
  • Improve and preserve parks, open space, historic sites and recreation opportunities
  • Provide needed infrastructure improvements and maintain existing public facilities
  • Pursue sustainable development
  • Maintain and improve the city bond rating
  • Recruit, develop and retain high performing employees

The City Manager's Office works to achieve these objectives through accountable government, employee development, and continued organizational improvement.  Developing and improving these 3 areas within the organization allows the City Manager's Office to continually push the city towards being a high-performance organization.

 Accountable Government  

 Employee Development  

  • Individual Performance Plans (linked to department and organization performance goals)
  • Olathe University (city employee training courses)
  • Service Excellence Teams
  • Team Innovation

 Organizational Improvement  

  • Leadership Team
  • Service Excellence Teams
  • Team Innovation
  • Employee Dialogue Sessions
  • Employee Engagement Surveys