Public Notices

The City Clerk's Office arranges for official publication of ordinances, resolutions, bids, and notices.

The Official Newspaper for the City of Olathe is The Olathe News.

 The Olathe News

Notice IFB-14-4558 August 16, 2014
Notice RFP-14-4560 August 16, 2014
Notice Weed Mowing Public Hearing Notice August 9, 2014
Notice Notice to Bidders_2-C-010-14 August 2, 2014
Notice Notice to Bidders_2-C-033-12 August 2, 2014
Notice Notice to Bidders_4-C-012-14 August 2, 2014
Notice Ordinance No. 13-25_Publication Summary August 2, 2014