Licenses and Permits

Visit Title 5 of the Olathe Municipal Code for Information concerning most of the licenses and permits.
Call  (913) 971-8521 for additional information.

Asterisk (*) indicates your application is submitted online.

Applications published in PDF format can be copied, completed and mailed to:
City Clerk's Office, City of Olathe, P.O. Box 768, Olathe, KS 66051-0768

Cereal Malt Beverage Massage Therapy  
Corporate Establishment Application  
Individual Massage Therapy Establishment Employee Register  
Partnership Massage Therapy Establishment Daily Patron Register Taxi
Concessions Therapist Application Driver
Temporary Concessions Massage Therapist Daily Patron Register  
Special Events Pawnbroker/Precious Metal  
Block Party* Establishment  
Olathe Charities 5K* Employee  
Special Event - Public Property Use    
Caterer License (Liquor Only)    
Drinking Establishment    
Private Club    
Retail Liquor    
Temporary Permit