Olathe Sister Cities

Chur City Manager with Olathe Girl ScoutsOcotlán, Jalisco, Mexico (Olathe's Sister City)

Ocotlán and Olathe signed a sister city agreement in 2006. Ocotlán is near the northeast shore of Lake Chapala, about sixty miles from Guadalajara, the state capital of Jalisco. Olathe and Ocotlán have agreed to collaborate on opportunities for educational, governmental, economic, and cultural exchange.  In addition, the cities look forward to supporting exchanges in the fields of diversity, agriculture, and health care.

Visit the Ocotlán website.


Chur, Switzerland (Olathe's Sister City)

Chur, Switzerland was chosen as Olathe's sister city in 1974. Chur, pronounced ‘Koor' is surrounded by Swiss Alps and located on the Rhine River. Thought to be one of the oldest cities in Europe, Chur is the administrative capitol of Graubünden, largest of the Swiss cantons.  German, the official language of northeastern Switzerland, is spoken in Chur.