Online Ticket Payments

 Please read the following to ensure your ticket may be paid online.

  • Wait 10 business days before paying your ticket online.
  • A ticket number, court date, fine amount and a valid e-mail address are required.  If ticket information is needed, please contact the Municipal Court Clerk at 913-971-6393.
  • Only violations with a fine amount written on the ticket can be paid online.
  • If the violation is marked with a CA in the fine box/line, a court appearance is required.  These violations may not be paid online.
  • Partial payments can only be made with prior approval from the Judge.   A court appearance is required for approval of partial payments.


 By paying your ticket online you acknowledge that:

  • You are the defendant and you are pleading Guilty or No Contest to the charge(s) on your ticket.
  • You will be found Guilty of the charges.
  • A Processing Fee will be added to your fine to cover the costs of online payment; you will see your full charge amount prior to submitting payment.
  • Fines and fees will be credited to your ticket when your payment is processed.  
  • The Olathe Municipal Court reserves the right to decline online payment of any citation.


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