Citizen Access: Inspections

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To schedule an inspection, go to "Check/Request Inspections". After you locate the appropriate permit, you will be presented with the available inspections for that particular permit type. Click "Schedule" next to the appropriate inspection that you want to request.


You will then be presented with the "Appointment Request" screen which contains a date option, a morning/afternoon option, and a location to leave comments such as a contact name and phone number. On-line inspections can only be scheduled for the next day. If you need to schedule a same day inspection, please call 913-971-8575. The cut off time for next day inspections is 4pm.


You will be required to be the registered user associated with the permit or you will receive this message.

CA-Inspections-Not Associated

If you are the registered user associated with the permit you will be scheduled for the requested inspection.