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Building Entrance

Zoning Code Enforcement is broken down into three categories: Buildings Inspections, Sign Permits, and Code Enforcement.

Commercial Building Inspections

Residential Building Inspections

Building inspections are conducted to ensure that properties are developed according to plans approved by the City Council, the Planning Commission and City staff. Inspections are necessary to maintain the quality of materials, design guidelines and aesthetics required when developing properties. Maintaining the quality of development in the community allows property values to remain at a reasonable and consistent level.

Sign Permits

Sign permits are required to allow advertisement of a business or service, while maintaining a neat and clean appearance for the community. Review of sign permit applications allows the City of Olathe to maintain a high level of quality on sign appearance and placement.

Zoning Code Enforcement

Zoning Enforcement is part of the City of Olathe’s efforts to maintain compliance with the Unified Development Ordinance. Situations that are investigated include but are not limited to:

  1. Illegal businesses being conducted (auto repair at home, catering, etc.)
  2. Illegal sign placement
  3. Commercial storage and/or screening issues