Envision Olathe Downtown Plan


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The goal of the Master Plan is to provide recommendations for revitalization which include implementation strategies focused to help transform downtown Olathe from a 9 to 5 business center to a multi-functional business district that is active day and night and on weekends. City leaders recognized the importance of strengthening our downtown. Civitas, Inc. was commissioned by the City in 2002 to undertake a downtown study and develop short and long term strategies for downtown revitalization. The study resulted in two reports: Envision Olathe Downtown Plan and the City of Olathe Downtown Streetscape Master Plan and Downtown Design Guidelines for directing public and private improvements.


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The process in developing the Envision Olathe downtown Plan created statements of intent that reflect the character of Olathe and identify elements that must be employed in any future design development.

  • Revitalizing downtown will require building on the strengths of the past as a foundation for the future.
  • Creating a memorable destination will require the creation of authentic and diverse public places, while expanding the range of attractions and economic development opportunities that downtown offers.
  • Integrating the neighborhoods downtown will require a mix of infill housing and services for local neighbors.
  • Achieving a more unified and equitable downtown will require an improved transportation system that minimizes barriers due to at-grade train lines, and provides regional transportation alternatives to reach downtown.


The downtown area was defined as three character zone areas: the Downtown Core, the Transition Area and the Santa Fe Corridor.

downtown map