Olathe's Original Town

Original Town is located in the heart of Olathe. The area is defined by Harold to the north and Old Hwy 56 to the south, K-7/Parker St on the west and I-35 on the east. The vision for Olathe's Original Town area is "an authentic foundation of Olathe where residents live, play, and enjoy the highest quality of life."OTmap


Neighborhood Action Plans
Action Plans provide residents with a guide for improvement.  These plans are developed by neighborhood residents in order to gain and understanding for the issues which are most important to their area.  Although some objectives may not be implemented, it is still beneficial to have a plan that identifies priorities and reflects the groups desired accomplishments

City staff assists in facilitating meetings, mailings and and provides planning and project updates to the groups as needed, or requested.  Staff also communicates the desires and needs of the neighborhoods to appropriate City departments or local agencies for their consideration.

Resolution No. 02-1008 states that "neighborhood committees may recommend ideas or issues to be considered by the Governing Body and staff when making decisions or prioritizing projects which affect the neighborhoods."

Olathe Community Garden

The Olathe Community Garden, established in 2004, has experienced a tremendous amount of interest and participation. The garden was conceived by the Central Core Neighborhood Committee as a means to enhance downtown and provide neighborhood and community pride. The garden offers a recreational opportunity for homeowners, renters, assisted living, and group home residents throughout the community who may not have the option or space to garden where they live. Participants live throughout the city, and come from all ages and backgrounds. The community garden is managed by participants in the Olathe Community Garden Committee, which meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Lone Elm Room of City Hall. For more information, contact Liz Newman at 913-971-9720.