Community Improvement District

A Community Improvement District (CID) allows a commercial property owner to petition the City to levy special assessments or impose up to an additional 2% sales tax within a CID to fund eligible project costs.  These costs may include infrastructure, design, engineering, and construction-related activities.  The Olathe City Council established its CID policy in 2009.

CID Petition Form
(please note: items in red will change based on petitioner)

  CID Policy

 Active CID Projects



One CID currently exists within the City of Olathe:

  • The Heart of America CID was established on October 12, 2010, and covers the site of the former Machine Shed restaurant on the northeast corner of Strang Line Road and Hospitality Drive, just south of the Comfort Suites hotel.  A new Hilton Garden Inn hotel and restaurant are planned for this site.  The 1% sales tax within this district began being levied on January 1, 2012.  View a  map of this CID.



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