Current Bid Opportunities

In accordance with applicable laws, statutes, and ordinances, City purchasing and contract procedures promote open competition to award contracts to the lowest most responsive and responsible vendor who meets City specifications



Bid Process for purchases valued at $5,000 to $24,999:
Competitive solicitation of at least three (3) written quotations received

• Online at  PublicPurchase
• First class mail:

PO Box 768
Olathe, KS  66051-0768

Vendors can provide quotes directly to individual City departments or the Procurement Division upon City request.

Bid process for Purchases above $25,000:
Formal "Invitation for Bids" or "Request for Proposals"

• Notices are published in the local newspaper, City of Olathe website, and online at Public Purchase. 
• Bid awards over $49,999 require approval of the Olathe City Council.

Vendor Registration:
Registration with PublicPurchase is required to become a vendor with the City of Olathe. Registration directions are provided to identify commodities or services of interest. The City of Olathe is pleased to offer this program at no cost – be sure to choose the button which indicates “Free Registration.”  Please contact the Procurement Office at 913-971-8714 if you have any questions or difficulties.

Bid Opportunities:

• All Bids and RFPs are handled through the Public Purchase system for commodities, construction, services, and JHUD projects. Once you are registered as a vendor, you will receive notification of all bids and RFP’s that are related to the commodities and services you selected.


• Procurement (913) 971-8925

• Construction & Public Improvement Projects (913) 971-9045

• HUD Housing Projects (913) 971-6472 .