How to Register as a Vendor

Print friendly step-by-step instructions


  1. Visit Public Purchase at
  • Free Registration is recommended.
  • Bid Syndication requires an annual fee.
  1. Enter your company information.
  • Business Description is encouraged to identify the goods or services your company provides.
  1. Create a username and password to access Public Purchase.
  • Your password requires a minimum of 6 characters with at least 1 number.
  • Keep this information for your records.
  • The City of Olathe does not have access to your username or password.
  1. Choose your company’s classification(s) to identify goods or services your company provides.
  • Select NIGP codes (National Institute of Government Purchasing).
  • Keyword search is provided to search all NIGP codes.
  1. Choose when you will be notified of solicitations at any stage of the solicitation process.
  • Select All for notification of every stage of the bid process.
  1. Confirm your free registration or bid syndication.
  • Free Registration is recommended.
  • Bid Syndication requires an annual fee.
  • Click No, Thank You to complete your registration.
  1. Wait for email notification from Public Purchase within 24 hours to confirm you are registered in their system.
  2. Proceed to Step 2.
  • You must complete Step 2 in order to be notified of any solicitations from the City of Olathe.


  1. Visit Public Purchase at
  • Log in with your Username and Password.
  1. Build your company home page to indicate the solicitations you are invited to (and responding to) when you have completed Step 2 for full registration.
  • On the right hand side of the page, select Tools, then select Agency.  
  • Enter City of Olathe in the Agency Name field.
  • Leave the New Agency Since box blank.
  • Set Registration Status to All.
  • Click Search and select Register to the far right of City of Olathe on the list.
  1. Review instructions on the City of Olathe Public Purchase home page.
  • Click Continue when you are finished.
  1. Very important step!  You are again required to select the classification(s) of goods or services your company provides.
  • Select NIGP codes.
  • A list of major categories is attached in Appendix A.
  • Search by keyword to identify proper classifications.
  • If you do not select classification codes, your company will not receive solicitation notices.
  1. Identify the codes you want to add.
  • Click Add to the right of the code.
  • Click on the trash can to the right of the code to remove any code you selected in error.
  • Click Continue when you are finished.
  1. Submit forms the City of Olathe requires.
  • The City currently requires a W9 form to be completed and on file before any payments will be made to your company.
  • Click Continue when you are finished.
  1. Confirm all information you have entered.
  • Click Done if all your information is correct.
  • You are now ready to view and respond to solicitations for goods or services from the City of Olathe.
  1. Feel free to contact Procurement for additional information.