Street Maintenance Sales Tax (SMST) Finance Oversight Committee

SMST LogoOn November 12, 2013, the citizens of Olathe approved the implementation of a 3/8 percent street maintenance sales tax.   The purpose of the sales tax revenue is to finance the cost of repairing, rebuilding, rehabilitating,  upgrading and  improving streets in the City of Olathe.  Pursuant to Resolution 14-1020, the City Council has created a new City of Olathe Street Maintenance Sales Tax (SMST) Citizens’ Finance Oversight Committee to foster an objective and transparent review of the use of the street maintenance sales tax revenue.

The Charter dictates that the Committee shall consist of seven members, all residents of the City of Olathe, appointed by the City Council.  Generally, terms will be limited to four, consecutive two-year terms for a total of eight consecutive years.   The Committee will hold one formal meeting annually, with additional meetings scheduled as needed.

The SMST Finance Oversight Committee is charged with the annual review and report to the City Council on the revenue and expenditures of the Street Maintenance Sales Tax.  The Committee shall automatically terminate and disband concurrently with the Committee’s submission of the final Annual Report, which reflects the final accounting of the expenditure of all SMST monies.  The Committee’s specific duties are listed in the charter as follows:

  • Annually Review SMST Income and Expenditures:  The Committee shall review income and expenditure reports produced by the City to ensure that SMST revenues were expended consistently with the voter-approved street maintenance sales tax referendum.
  • Annual Report:  The Committee shall present to the City Council, in public session, an annual written report which shall include the following:
    • A statement summarizing the expenditures of the SMST revenues and compliance with the citizen approved referendum. 
    • A Summary of the Committee’s proceedings and activities for the preceding year.
    • Copies of the document must be made widely available to the public at large.
  • It is not within the purview of the Committee to make decisions or recommendations on the use of SMST funds, define the scope of a project, or direct staff.  These responsibilities remain under the authority of the City Council, City Manager, and professional staff.

For information about the Street Preservation program and projects, see Street Sales Tax Accountability.


SMST Finance Oversight Committee Members

John Andrade, Chair  Anne Oswald   Tom Grady  
Joe Forlenza, Vice Chair  Doug Svatos Gregg Herbert
  Steve Smith  


2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report


Agenda Meeting Minutes/Documents
03/27/2014 Minutes 03/27/2014
September 30, 2014 Committee toured 2014 projects
01/26/2015 Minutes 01/26/2015

Agenda Packet Documents
Minutes 03/23/2015

03/23/2016 Minutes will be posted after they are approved.