Taxes and Fees

This page provides an overview of taxes and fees in the City of Olathe.

  • The City of Olathe generates revenue through sales taxes, property taxes, franchise fees, City fees, and other miscellaneous sources to maintain its operating budget, approved each August by the City Council.
  • Transient Guest Tax supports the Economic Development Fund.
  • Utility Rates are charged to residents who receive utility services including solid waste, water and sewer.
  • The City of Olathe controls only some of the taxes and fees that Olathe residents pay. Other taxes and fees are mandated or collected by the County and State.
  • Sometimes special funds are developed to serve other specific purposes: the Special Alcohol Fund was created to account for monies received from the state liquor tax on certain private clubs, and the money is earmarked for the purchase, maintenance or expansion of services or programs designed for drug and alcohol abuse prevention, treatment and education. The Motor Fuel Fund was created to account for motor fuel taxes levied by the State and distributed to local units of government for the purpose of constructing, altering, reconstructing, maintaining and repairing streets and highways.  

Contact the Budget Office if you have questions about any taxes or fees in Olathe.