Residential Building Permits

What needs a permit? A residential building permit is needed for a:

  • New single family residence or duplex unit.
  • Room addition.
  • Interior remodel/basement finish.
  • Other: garage (attached/detached); carport; storage building/shed (over 200-square-foot); deck (above 30"); deck with a roof covering; patio with a roof covering; gazebo/pergola (over 200-square-foot or attached); and pool (in-ground & above ground).

How do I apply for a permit? Apply for a residential building permit by submitting these to the Building Codes Division:

  • Residential building permit application.
  • One copy of original sealed plot plan/survey of lot.
  • One copy of original sealed construction plans (unless established as a master plan).
  • One CD or flash drive of plans in TIF or PDF format.
  • Johnson County sewer permit (if served by Johnson County Wastewater).
  • Plan review /permit fee is payable to the City of Olathe when the permit is issued.

It's our goal to review and return comments for residential building permits within three working days (beginning the first working day after submittal). Please know that incomplete applications or incorrect information may delay plan review and permitting.

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