CERT Members

CERT Members

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Deployment Status:  

Snow Storm Event:  02/05/2014 - 02/06/2014 : Members:  refer to email notification for specific details and assistance needed. 

Important Events

With the current rash of snow storms, now would be a good time to update and restock your 72-hour kit and go-bag. 

Volunteer Hours:

Please make sure you send in the hours you spend in training, meetings, PR events, etc. to the CERT Secretary for our record keeping.


Olathe CERT Mission Statement

The Olathe Community Emergency Response Team is a volunteer driven program of the Olathe Fire Department, passionately committed to serving the community by maintaining a trained, prepared citizenry.

Olathe CERT Chief's Advisory Board

Fire Chief/Emergency Manager Director

Jeff DeGraffenreid
Assistant Chief of Special Operations/Deputy Director of Emergency Management
Tim Richards
Olathe CERT Manager
John Sanches
Olathe CERT Coordinators
Stephen Hill
Kevin Joles
Olathe CERT Liaisons
Wendy Schotten
Richard Fry
Willie (Bill) Mills
Committee Spokespersons
Victoria Gaughan, (Socialization) CertSocialization@gmail.com
Brian Pintenich, (Training) bpintenich@sbcglobal.net  
Bernie Darter, (Organizational Support) BernieD@SWBell.net
Tom Griswold, (Documentation Committee) tgriswold@paynejones.com
Olathe CERT Secretary
Iris Gaughan, OlatheCertSecretary@gmail.com