School Age Programs

We conduct several organized programs in cooperation with the Olathe School District and private schools in Olathe. Home school organizations are welcome to contact us at (913) 971-7900 for more information about programs available for student groups or schedule a program online.

School age programs include:

Preschool - Firefighter Friendly back to top

A firefighter will visit daycares/preschools and present information introducing children to firefighters and what they do. He or she will put on firefighter gear to familiarize children with how it looks and feels, and to emphasize "firefighters are friends". Other fire and life safety issues may be presented as well. (Stop, Drop and Roll, Tools vs. Toys, Hot Things Can Hurt, etc.)

Kindergarten - Station Tours back to top

This program is a tradition with kindergarten classes in the Olathe Schools. Students experience first hand "life at the fire station" and learn safety information that parallels their classroom fire safety unit. Students also get to see firefighters in bunker gear, and learn about the various trucks and equipment firefighters use on the job.

Second Grade - Fire Safety House back to top

The Fire Safety House is a mobile classroom that visits every second grade classroom at all schools within the Olathe city limits. The FSH has three rooms. In each room, different fire and life safety lessons are presented: kitchen safety, home hazard recognition, and planning/practicing a home escape drill. Taught in a hands-on format with real-life items found in most homes, students also get to experience escaping a "home fire" through the use of smoke alarms, theatrical fog and an escape ladder.

Third Grade - Fire and Life Safety back to top

Third grade students at schools within the Olathe City Limits participate in the "Discover Fire and Life Safety" program beginning in September. This five-week program, presented by public educators from the Olathe Fire Department, includes weekly lessons with take- home assignments which are graded. Based on homework scores, students receive awards at the Jr. Firefighter, Jr. Fire Captain, or Junior Fire Chief level.

Third Grade - Adopt-A-School back to top

This program follows and complements the third grade five-week program. Beginning in October, on-duty fire crews visit schools once a month, presenting different fire and life safety lessons with each visit, allowing students to interact with firefighters in a positive way.

Seventh Grade - Fire and Burn Prevention (Assembly) back to top

A burn survivor, burn care professional and firefighter lead an assembly for seventh graders in Olathe junior highs each school year. Burn and fire prevention are discussed. 

Seventh Grade - Fire and Burn Prevention (Classroom) back to top

A firefighter visits the food and consumer science classes in the junior highs to show students how to prevent fire and injuries. Emphasis is placed in the kitchen as most home fires in Olathe begin here. Burn prevention is highlighted.