Smoke Alarm Help (non-emergency)

T DRAFT DRAFT   If your home's smoke alarms are "going off' (alarms sounding - not  chirping - or strobes flashing), please immediately leave the home and call 911.  

If you have a non-emergency battery-operated smoke alarm need or require help changing smoke alarm batteries, please fill out our, non-emergency smoke alarm help form or call our non-emergency Smoke Alarm Helpline at (913) 971-7944.

When calling the Smoke Alarm Helpline, please leave a message to include:

  • name
  • working phone number
  • address

Our goal is to have someone contact you within one administrative business day of your form submission or message. Be mindful that form submissions and messages made after 5 pm - Monday through Friday - or on weekends or holidays, will be returned the next administrative business day.

We can usually help:

  • provide free battery-operated smoke alarms (quantities are limited) - our free smoke alarms are typically made possible by community donations
  • install battery-operated smoke alarms less than 10 feet from the floor
  • replace batteries in smoke alarms that are less than 10 feet from the floor

We are unable to:

  • install battery-operated smoke alarms 10 feet or more above the floor
  • replace batteries in any smoke alarm that is located 10 feet or more above the floor
  • replace hard-wired (electric) smoke alarms, including visual (strobe) units, as a licensed electrician is required to perform this task
  • provide help which would assist in the sale or purchase of a home

Where we are unable to help, assistance may be generally found from an "electrician" or "handyman services." The U.S. Small Business Administration offers tips about choosing a contractor

The American Red Cross of Greater Kansas City also offers non-emergency smoke alarm assistance. According to

"The Cause for Alarm! program is designed to help reduce injury, death and property loss caused by home fires by offering free smoke alarms to those in need. The program targets homeowners who cannot afford to purchase and/or install the alarms. Trained Red Cross volunteers can install the alarms or replace batteries for residents who are elderly and/or disabled and discuss fire safety with members of a household. For more information, please call (816) 841-5237. To get smoke alarms installed or batteries replaced, please call the Smoke Alarm Hotline at (816) 841-5242. If you need smoke alarms, but you're not elderly or disabled, please call (816) 841-5237 to schedule a time to come pick up smoke alarms at the Greater Kansas City Chapter."

Smoke alarm information (how many, when to replace, what if I rent, etc.).