Recycling Changes to Keep Quality Services Affordable


The City of Olathe focuses on providing high quality, yet affordable services for its customers, and that focus is leading to changes in the City's recycling program.

Why? The current economic environment has had a measureable impact on the price of recycled materials, and that has impacted the City's revenue. In order to make up for that lost revenue, customers were facing an over 50% cost increase. However, by changing to a single stream collection system, the City would realize enough cost savings to offset lost revenue.

Under the current recycling system, solid waste drivers hand sort recycled materials at the curb, creating a slower and more expensive process. However, single stream collection relies on sorting at the recycling facility. As a result, recycling will be significantly streamlined and more efficient allowing for significant cost savings in fuel, overtime and equipment.

Customers will see changes with the new program. More types of plastics will be recyclable, and the City will also be able to collect cardboard at the curb. However, the City will no longer be in a position to recycle glass since glass is not processed at the recycling facility the City uses. Currently, Olathe is the only metropolitan city accepting glass for recycling.

Recycling customers will be receiving information in the mail as well as stickers attached to their recycling bins in the coming weeks before the program begins. For additional information about recycling and the planned changes, please call 971-9311 or see curbside recycling.