Pay Traffic Tickets Online or By Phone


The Olathe Municipal Court is now accepting payments for eligible traffic citations online at or by calling (800) 701-8560. The new options are available 24-hours per day and seven-days per week.

Only citations issued by the Olathe Police Department that include a fine amount are eligible for online payment and may be paid after five working days following issuance. In addition, citations marked with a “CA” (court appearance), or are a result of an accident must be addressed in person. Partial payments can only be made with the prior approval from the judge after a court appearance.

To pay online, a ticket number, court date, fine amount and valid email address are required, and ticket information is available by calling the Municipal Court Clerk at (913) 971-6393.

Anyone paying citations online must acknowledge the following: you are the defendant and you are pleading Guilty or No Contest to the charges on your ticket; you will be found Guilty of the charges; a processing fee will be added to your fine to cover the costs of online payment, but the full charge amount will be shared prior to submitting payment; fines and fees will be credited to your ticket after your payment is processed, and the Olathe Municipal Court reserves the right to decline online payment of any citation.

The City is using a third party vendor, nCourt, to provide this service.