Kansas Severe Weather Awareness Week March 3-9

The Olathe Fire Department challenges you to create a family emergency plan during “Kansas Severe Weather Awareness Week,” March 3-9.

Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. Be prepared for a disaster and make your personalized family plan now - before disaster strikes.  Visit www.OlatheKS.org/Fire and click on “MAKE A PLAN.”

During Severe Weather Awareness Week, Olathe’s outdoor warning system, made up of 37 state-of-the-art sirens, will activate on Tuesday, March 5 at 1:30 p.m. as part of the annual statewide tornado safety drill. Visit www.OlatheKS.org and click on “Outdoor warning system” to learn about Olathe’s sirens. 

For more information about emergency management in Olathe, please call (913) 971-7900.