DirectionFinder Survey Shows Very High Citizen Satisfaction

On Tuesday March 4th, the Olathe City Council received the results of the Olathe’s most recent citizen satisfaction survey showing Olathe continues enjoying some of the highest satisfaction levels in the country. 

Key findings shows 92% of residents are satisfied or very satisfied with overall city services.  Satisfaction for that category in the Kansas City metropolitan area stands at 54% and nationally at 57%.  While 74% of Olathe residents report being satisfied or very satisfied with “value for tax dollars and fees”, only 40% give those marks in the metro area and 45% nationally.  In fact, Olathe satisfaction ratings for all major service areas measured are dramatically higher than the metropolitan and national averages.

For the first time in the survey’s history, maintenance of city streets rose to residents’ number one priority replacing traffic flow.  The City believes the recently passed street maintenance sales tax will fully address that concern.

DirectionFinder, the survey tool, is administered by ETC Institute.  Olathe is one of some 700 state and local governments using the tool.  Chris Tatham, senior vice-president of ETC, said Olathe’s numbers remain phenomenal.  He said, “We conduct citizen satisfaction surveys for hundreds of cities across the country, and Olathe’s performance over the last ten years clearly stands head and shoulders above all the others”.

The complete survey and video of ETC’s presentation are available on the City’s website,