Connecting to Olathe Water and Sewer Systems

Water Service Connection Instructions

NICOR Meter Lid Specifications

Non-Residential Metering Options (drawing only)

Non-Residential Metering Options (instructions and drawing)

Sanitary Sewer Service Connection Instructions

Grease Interceptor Detail

System Development and Connection Fees for Water and Sewer

Oil & Grease Program

Solid Waste Guidelines

Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention

The City of Olathe and Water District One provide water service in Olathe.

The City of Olathe and Johnson County Wastewater provide sewer service in Olathe.

Undeveloped sewer and water parcels are also located within Olathe city limits.

The following map can help you determine the City of Olathe Sanitary Sewer & Water District Boundaries.

Sanitary Sewer & Water District Boundaries

Contact the City of Olathe:

Call 913-971-9311 if you have questions.

Contact WaterOne:

Call 913-895-5728 for new service connection.

Call 913-895-2726 to verify water is available or to request a water main extension.

Contact Johnson County Wastewater:

Call 913-715-8500 for customer service.

Call 913-715-8520 for permits and sewer location information.

Fire flow and pressure testing:

  • The City of Olathe will perform a fire flow and pressure test on a hydrant.
  • Fire flow tests cost $100 each and are typically completed within five days.
  • The City maintains records of fire flow tests.  We can notify you if a hydrant has been tested.

Non-residential meter installation options

Backflow devices are required for residential irrigation and fire lines.
Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) and Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) backflow devices are used for residential lawn irrigation.
Lawn irrigation is considered high hazard.
No double check backflow devices are allowed for this type of service.

Residential backflow devices must be tested annually.
The City sends letters to notify residents when the annual backflow test is due.
The backflow test must be completed by a certified tester and a copy of the certified test report must be provided to the City.
The City of Olathe verifies that the tester is certified and that the test is valid.
Contact Customer Service at  913-971-9311 for additional information.

Cross connection permits are required for residential lawn irrigation systems.
Contact City Building Codes at 913- 971-7900.