Backflow Requirements

 Requirements for Backflow Prevention:

  • All lawn sprinkler systems are required to have a backflow prevention device to prevent the accidental siphoning of non-potable water back into the potable water system. Homeowners can use either a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) or a reduced pressure zone (RPZ) backflow preventer for this purpose.
  • All hose bibbs are required to have an atmospheric vacuum breaker.
  • A Cross Connection Permit Application is required for installation:
    • If you are installing a new system that requires a backflow preventer
    • If your existing system does not have the proper backflow preventer
  • All backflow preventer assemblies are required to be tested by a certified tester:
    • upon installation and annually, thereafter
    • after repairs have been made
    • when an assembly has been relocated
  • Annual Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report
  • Instructions for completing Test Report
  • Backflow Testing Requirements

For additional information regarding the City's Backflow Prevention Program:

Submit all test reports to: City of Olathe Cross Connection Control Program, 1385 S Robinson, Olathe, KS 66061

Fax: (913) 971-9199



As a friendly reminder, irrigation systems should be winterized and backflow preventers should be shut off, drained and/or removed for the winter season. If your backflow device does freeze and break, a new one is required, as well as a Cross Connection permit.