Curbside Recycling

All residential solid waste customers have access to recycling at the curb. The city provides residents with a 65-gallon blue recycling cart. Recyclables are collected every other week. To view which weeks your recycling will be picked up, look up your collection schedule below. The cost of curbside recycling is included in the base rate, along with weekly trash and yard waste collection and access to the city's year-round household hazardous waste facility.

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How to Recycle

Place your recycling items commingled loosely in your city-provided blue recycling cart. Set your cart at the curb by 8 am on your scheduled trash collection day. Recyclables will be picked up separate from your household's trash, by a recycling truck.


How to prepare materials materials for recycling:

  • There's no need to sort.
  • Always close the cart lid to keep materials dry and avoid littering your neighborhood. 
  • Mixed paper should be dry.
  • Mixed paper can be placed loosely in the cart, tied in bundles, or bagged in brown paper sacks. 
  • All containers should be rinsed.
  • Labels are okay.
  • Remove caps and rings from plastic containers
  • Place the lid inside tin (steel) cans and pinch cans closed.
  • Flatten/cut cardboard to pieces no longer than 4' x 4' and place them beside the recycling cart.
  • Remove waxed paper liners or packing materials from cardboard/chipboard.

Materials that do not meet the guidelines above, will not be collected for the safety of City employees.


Items accepted for recycling:

Mixed Paper, Plastics # 1-7 (no styrofoam), Cardboard, Chipboard, Aluminum/Tin Cans, and Telephone Books.

  • newspaper
  • advertising inserts
  • office paper
  • chipboard (cereal boxes)
  • carrier stock
  • envelopes
  • manila file folders
  • advertising mail
  • magazines
  • catalogs
  • aluminum cans
  • paper egg cartons
  • steel (tin) food and beverage cans
  • #1-7 plastics (except Styrofoam)
  • yogurt or margarine tubs
  • deli or salad bar "clamshells"
  • telephone books (remove plastic)
  • milk cartons
  • drink boxes


Items not accepted for recycling:

Glass can be taken to the Downtown Recycling Drop-off.

  • automotive product bottles
  • blueprints
  • carbon paper
  • construction paper
  • drink pouches
  • egg cartons (styrofoam)
  • film canisters
  • foil
  • frozen food containers
  • frozen juice containers or straws
  • gift wrap
  • glass
  • hanging folders
  • hardback books
  • microwave trays
  • motor oil bottles
  • paper plates or cups
  • paper towels
  • photographs
  • plastic bags
  • plastic (construction type, PVC)
  • plastic cereal box or cake box liner bags
  • plastic lids or 6-pack holders
  • scrap metal
  • shredded paper
  • styrofoam
  • tissue paper
  • tractor tires
  • trash
  • vitamin or prescription bottles
  • wax paper
  • toys