Animal Adoption

View a List of Pets available for adoption at the Olathe Animal Shelter. 


The Animal Control Unit attempts to locate the owner of animals running at large, picked up as strays, or as a result of a complaint.  Failed attempts to locate the owner and unclaimed dogs or cats are available for adoption after a waiting period of three (3) days.  Owners may also give written consent for adoption.

The adopting party must sign an agreement to have the dog or cat spayed or neutered and vaccinated for rabies prior to taking possession of the animal.

The adopted animal will be spayed/neutered and vaccinated by our on site veterinarian prior to being released.  The animal remains property of the City of Olathe until the sterilization is complete and the new adopter has possession of the animal.  The adopting party will pick up the animal from the shelter.  Unclaimed animals result in a forfeiture of monies paid and rights to the animal.


Adoption Fees

  Dogs Cats
Adoption fee (all ages) $10 $10
Spay/neuter fee (all ages) $80 $50
Rabies fee (older than 4 months) $10 $10
City license 1st year (older than 6 months) $10 $10