Citizens Online Police Reporting System

If this is an emergency call 911!

Welcome to the Citizens Online Police Reporting System (COPRS). Submit a police report immediately and print a free copy.

Ask yourself the following questions before continuing:

  • Is this an emergency? If yes, call 911!
  • Are there known (identified) suspects? If yes, call 913-782-0720.
  • Did this incident happen within the Olathe city limits? If yes, continue.

Turn off your pop-up blocking software before you proceed.

View Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Report the following offenses with this COPRS online reporting system:

Harassing Phone Calls Theft Lost Property
Previous Suspicious Activity Identity Theft Unlawful use of Credit/Debit Card
  Theft of Service Vandalism/Damaged Property
  Theft from a Vehicle  

When you've finished the reporting process:

  • "Your online police report has been submitted" message indicates your police report is complete.
  • A police report case number will be provided.
  • Print a copy of the police report for your records.

Please Note:

  • All cases will be reviewed.
  • You may be contacted if further investigation is needed.
  • Filing a false police report is a crime.

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