How do I apply?
     What is the hiring process?
STEP 1 Submit an application online.
STEP 2 Physical Agility Test & Written Aptitude Test
If you are selected to move forward to the first phase of the process, you will be contacted via e-mail regarding the testing day and time. Not all applicants who apply are selected to take the written test. 

The Physical Agility Test- Course Map

To pass the obstacle course, you must complete the course (approximately 200 yards in total distance) in 93 seconds or less. The course consists of the following:
  • The course begins with the applicant seated in a parked vehicle. The time is started when the applicant exits the vehicle.
  • The applicant runs through the parking lot and up a concrete ramp to a gravel pathway.
  • The applicant will traverse down into a concrete culvert, running in and out of the culvert, continuing on the gravel path.
  • The applicant must run under a wooden overhang obstacle.
  • The applicant will continue to run until they come to a 18”-20” bush obstacle. The applicant must jump or hop over the bush obstacle. Failure to do so is a disqualifier.
  • The applicant will then run to a 4’ chain-link fence in which they must jump, climb, or cross over the fence. Failure to get over the fence or going around the fence is a disqualifier.
  • The applicant will continue to run until they reach the stair climb. The applicant will climb up one side of the stairs and down the other side. Failure to successfully complete the stair climb is a disqualifier.
  • After finishing the stair climb, the applicant will drop to the ground lying with their complete torso on the ground. The applicant will then immediately get back up and run to where a 150 lb. dummy is lying on the ground.
  • The applicant will pick up or otherwise move/drag the dummy for approximately 8 feet in one direction, then turn a 90 degree angle and drag the dummy another 8 feet to the finish line.
  • Once the entire body of the dummy passes the finish line, the finish time is recorded. Failure to complete the dummy drag is a disqualifier.
Again the course must be completed correctly and in its entirety in 93 seconds or less. The obstacle course is approximately 200 yards in total distance. The obstacle course is located on the campus of the Johnson County Community College Regional Police Academy. The address is 12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210. 
The written test is a National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) that is designed to measure four primary cognitive skills critical to successfully learning and performing the job of a police officer.  There are four sections to the test that cover mathematics, reading comprehension, grammar, and incident report writing.  We do not offer a study guide for this exam.
STEP 3  Background Packet
The Olathe Police Department Personal History Background Packet is given to those who successfully complete the written test and are invited to take part in the oral board interview. The packet must be completed by the applicant and turned in at the time of the Oral Board.  Please review our minimum requirements and disqualifiers.
STEP 4 The Oral Board Interview
Offered only to the top applicants who successfully pass the written test.  Not every applicant who passes the written test will be granted an oral board interview. 
STEP 5 Polygraph Examination
Applicants who pass the oral board will be scheduled for a polygraph examination administered by a trained, professional examiner.
STEP 6 Background Investigation
Applicants who successfully pass the polygraph examination and physical agility course will then undergo an extensive background check by a trained Olathe Police Department background investigator.  Note: Not every applicant who successfully passes the polygraph examination is automatically moved on to a background investigation.
STEP 7 Interview with the Chief of Police
Applicants who successfully passed the background investigation will have a formal interview with the Chief of Police. At the conclusion of this interview, successful applicants will receive a conditional job offer.
STEP 8 Psychological Examination                                                      Olathe Police Department Headquarters
Applicants will be evaluated by a psychologist.
STEP 9 Medical Examination 
Applicants will undergo a complete medical examination

to include a drug screen given by a licensed physician.

Questions?  Contact Olathe Police Recruiters.