Operation Lifeline

The Olathe, Kansas, Police Department sponsors a FREE program to our residents called Operation Lifeline. We use police volunteers in our community who make daily telephone calls to retired and self-care persons who don’t have anyone to check on them on a regular basis.

Once application is made, each Operation Lifeline member will provide a key to the Police Department, which is kept in a locked box. If a member is unable to answer the telephone, the volunteer caller will contact the Police Department dispatcher. A police officer will respond to the member’s residence and enter with a key.

Peace of mind is knowing that if you need help, someone will call. Our community volunteers are the lifeline.

To qualify for this program you must meet the following criteria:

  • Live within the city limits of Olathe.
  • Have no family members living in the immediate area that are able to check on you on a regular basis.
  • Provide a key to your residence to be secured at the Police Department and used for emergency access.

This is a FREE program provided by the Police Department. For further information contact the Community Outreach Unit at 971-7500. We will set up an application appointment for new members and new volunteer callers.