Records Unit


The Olathe Police Records Division serves as a central repository for all Olathe, Kansas police reports and related records.

The Records Division provides police reports and records check services.




Police Reports

Police reports may be requested in person or by mail.  Reports may be faxed upon special request (does not include video/audio tapes or photos).  Please call for details.

Requests for copies may take 8-10 working days to process, depending on the nature of the incident and if the case is still under investigation.

Report Copy Costs 
$1.80 - First page
$0.60 - Each subsequent page
Accident reports may be obtained free of charge by visiting Police Accident Reports.
Request Process
  1. Mail or request a report in person.
Olathe Police Department Records Division
501 E. 56 Hwy, Olathe KS 66061
  1. Provide a report number (if available), date, time, location of the incident, or name(s) of the person(s) involved.
  2. Checks are payable to the City of Olathe.

Records Checks

Records checks must be obtained in person by the individual of the record during normal business hours.  Records checks will only include records that occurred within the city limits of Olathe, Kansas.  Other contingencies may apply. Call during normal office hours for additional information.  A record check fee will be assessed.

To receive a more extensive Records check, please visit the Kansas Bureau of Investigations website.


The Records Division does not currently provide fingerprinting services.

Contact Information

Office Hours
Monday through Friday (closed Holidays)
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Telephone Number 913-971-7500 (Option 2)
Fax Number 913-971-6927
Contact the Records Supervisor for questions or concerns regarding police reports or records issues
For Ticket Fines & Court Dates
Olathe Municipal Court 913-971-7564
Olathe Municipal Prosecutor 913-971-6742