Address Numbers

One of the most frequent concerns expressed by emergency responders is not being able to find address numbers displayed on the structure. This includes both single family homes, duplexes, apartments and businesses. Some businesses may have an advantage if their business name is prominently displayed. Saving time looking for numbers could mean the difference between life and death.

When posting numbers on your dwelling, remember CONTRAST. If you have a light background, use dark numbers. The bigger the size of the numbers, the better the visibility. Brass numbers tend to reflect light and are not easily distinguishable. Painting the numbers on the curb can help but don’t use that as your only location.

Another consideration is where to put the numbers. Most emergency personnel look toward the front door. Put the numbers under a light source. We all should be turning on our outside lights at night and turning them off in the morning. If you do not practice this habit, turn on the outside light at night after you call emergency services.

Trim up the trees and trim down the bushes to open up the front of your house. Help us to find you in an emergency. Take a look at your home and the homes on your street. Can you find the address?