Personal Safety for Adults


At Home

  • Use the locks that you have on your home. If your locks need upgrading or repair, get them fixed.
  • Lock your car when parked and unattended. Make it harder for the potential thief to get inside. Hide valuables out of sight. Don’t leave valuables in the car.
  • Install a Peephole, if you don’t have one. Don’t answer the door unless you can see the person outside.
  • If you are consistently receiving hang-up telephone calls or obscene telephone calls, call the police and report the incidents. The police report can be the first detail to provide information to the telephone company to help trace the call.
  • Use an answering machine to screen unwanted telephone calls and provide evidence to the police if the calls warrant a police report. Don’t be intimidated by the caller who is wanting to sell you something. Hang up if you don’t want to talk. Prizes are not free when it cost you money to receive the gift.


  • Use the outside lights on your home. Use timers on interior lights when you are away from home or get a neighbor to turn on the lights.
  • Recent research indicates that a 100 watt light bulb will cost approx. 7.5 cents to run for 10 hours if you have electricity with Kansas City Power and Light (KCPL). A 100 watt light bulb will cost approx. 5.9 cents to run for 10 hours if you have electricity with Kansas Power and Light (KPL). You only need a 60 watt bulb to illuminate your front and back yard areas. At a minimum, the cost  for exterior light security for one month would be $4.24 with KCPL or $3.30 with KPL.

Away From Home

  • Park in well lit parking lots. Avoid isolated areas. Lock your car when attended and unattended. Don’t try to get in your car if someone is standing near. Wait till that person leaves before approaching your car. Look inside your car before getting in. Look and see if someone is sitting in the car next to you. Make eye contact but don’t stare. Let the person(s) know that you see them before getting into your car.


  • When walking, walk with a purpose, i.e. head up, alert, steady pace. Pay attention to your surroundings. Avoid walking in the dark and around isolated areas. If you suspect a car is following you, turn around and walk in the opposite direction, then get help. Walk with a buddy as we teach our children to play with buddies.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. Make yourself be a “tough target” and a role model for children. Practice prevention. Head up, smile, be friendly, and be alert!