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Type Project # Title Project Mgr Deadline Add Results
NTB 2-C-033-12 & 5-C-011-13 E. Mulberry St. and N. Cherry St. Storm Drainage Improvement Neil Meredith  19-Aug-14, 10:00 AM    
NTB 2-C-010-14 Northridge and Aspen Stormwater Improvements Neil Meredith  14-Aug-14, 10:00 AM    
NTB 5-C-006-12 Membrane Rehabilitation Project John Gilroy 07-Aug-14, 2:00 PM 1  
NTB 7-C-011-12 Santa Fe and I-35 Overpass Bridge Lighting Neil Meredith  10-July-14, 10:00 AM   Bid OpeningBid Tab
NTB 3-R-000-14 2014 Cedar Creek Street Rehabilitation for 111th Terrace and Whitetail Lane Jeff Beal 27-May-14, 9:00 AM   Bid Tab, Notice of Award
RFQ 51704C Collector Well #5 Sabrina Parker 13-June-14, 5:00 PM    
RFQ 1-C-010-14
Harold and Van Mar Lift Station Rehabilitation
Keith Duncan 30-May-14, 5:00pm    
NTB 15306C Harold Street Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project Sabrina Parker  10-Apr-14, 10am 1, 2, 3 Bid Tab, Notice of Award
NTB 3-P-001-13 2013 KLINK 1R Resurfacing K-7 Highway Jeff Beal  08-Apr-14, 10am   Bid Opening, Bid Tab, Notice of Award
NTB 3-P-002-14 2014 Arterial Mill and Overlay – S. Parker Street: W. Harold Street to 119th Street and S. Quivira Road: W. 151st Street to W. 143rd Street Jeff LeMire  04-Apr-14, 10:00am   Bid Opening, Bid Tab, Notice of Award
RFQ 5-C-012-14
Professional Services Water Master Plan Update
Sabrina Parker  04-Apr-14, 5:00pm    
NTB 2-C-023-12 & 2-C-027-12 151st Street and Lindenwood Drive Storm Drainage Improvements Nate Baldwin  02-Apr-14, 10am 123, 4, 5, 6 Bid OpeningBid Tab, Notice of Award
NTB 3-P-004-14 2014 Modified Aggregate Quickset Surface – Micro Surface Austin Lamparter 18-Mar-14, 10am   Bid OpeningBid Tab, Notice of Award
NTB 3-P-001-14 Kansas Ave. (Dennis St. to Harold St.) Keith Duncan 18-Mar-14, 10am 1 Bid Opening, Bid Tab, Notice of Award
RFQ 5-C-006-12 Design Services Water Treatment Plant 2 Rehabilitation John Gilroy 03-Apr-14, 5:00pm    
NTB 3-P-006-12 143rd St./Sheridan Arterial Mill and Overlay Project Nate Baldwin  13-Mar-14, 10am 1 Bid Opening, Bid TabNotice of Award
NTB 3-P-005-14 2014 Ultrathin Bonded Asphalt Surface Austin Lamparter 05-Mar-14, 10am   Bid OpeningBid Tab, Notice of Award
NTB 3-P-003-14 2014 Local and Collector Street Mill & Overlay Austin Lamparter 04-Mar-14, 10am 1, 2 Bid OpeningBid Tab, Notice of Award
NTB 3-G-002-13 119th Street Bridges over Old Kansas City Road Expansion Device Replacement Nate Baldwin 27-Feb-14, 10am   Bid Opening, Bid TabNotice of Award
Notice   2014 Overtime Inspection Policy for Developer Projects Celia Duran      
NTB 5-C-009-09 Lime Residuals Storage Facility & Sludge Pump Station Modifications John Gilroy 25-Feb-14, 2:00pm   Bid OpeningBid Tab, Notice of Award
RFQ 3-C-010-14 Transportation Planning Services Transportation Master Plan Thomas Dow 21-Feb-14, 5:00pm    
RFQ 2-C-001-14 Design Services Little Cedar Creek (W. Park St. to W. Elm St.) Stormwater Improvements Neil Meredith 20-Feb-14, 5:00pm    
RFQ 8-C-001-14 2014 Inspection Services Stan Wilson 13-Feb-14, 5:00pm   Notice of Award
RFQ 8-C-006-14 2014 Underground  Utility Locating Services 03/01/2014 thru 12/31/2014 Stan Wilson 22-Jan-14, 5:00pm   Notice of Award