Right Of Way Fact Sheet

Right of Way permits
All Right of Way users or property owners wishing to excavate with in the citys right-of-way should make themselves familiar with the citys Municipal Code on this subject.

Presented below is a brief section of the code pertaining to excavation in the public right of way.

Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 12.08 Street Regulations.
Section 12.08.080 a) it is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to cut pavement or excavate in a street or alley of the city without a permit issued by the city of Olathe.

What is the public right of way?
The public right-of-way typically starts approximately 11 ft. measured from the back of the curb towards the property or house. Typical right-of-way in residential areas is 50 ft. total or 25 ft. per side of street measured from the center line of the street.

Permit application requirements.
1. Sketch or drawings to a scale showing the location of work.

2. All work (excluding residential drives) requires a $1000.00 Performance and Maintenance bond submitted to the city of Olathe and is to be kept for a period of one year from date of accepted work

3. If work is going to require a traffic detour or lane closure, a detailed traffic control plan shall be reviewed by the citys traffic engineer prior to the permit being released.

4. The person or company doing the work will contact the city Engineers office at least 24 hours prior to starting work.

5. The only time a right-of-way user requires a permit is when there is excavation work to be done.