Adopt-A-Stream Program

What is the Adopt-A-Stream Program?
This program is partnership between the City of Olathe and its citizens. This program will help build a civic pride by beautifying Olathe city streams, increasing safety and decreasing litter and other pollutants through trash removal. Through the removal of hazardous debris in the creeks/streams, this program will reduce pollutants going into our lakes, thus aiding our environment. By beautifying Olathe we can live up to the Indian meaning of what Olathe means (City Beautiful).

How do I participate in the Adopt-A-Stream Program?
Three steps to adopting the stream of your choice:

Step 1: Fill out our Group Volunteer Participation Form and tell us the section of stream off of the map you wish to adopt or call us at (913) 971-9042.
Volunteers who adopt a section of stream will be recognized in the Olathe Link Newsletter. We publish all volunteers and their groups to recognize their commitment to the community of Olathe.

Step 2: Organize and plan a date for your first clean up. Call us and schedule a delivery (free of charge) of any materials you will need for the clean up. These materials include trash bags and gloves. After the first cleanup is completed, please call us and let us know how it went, and we will pick up the bags of litter.

Step 3: Contact us a week before each clean up to schedule the free pick up and disposal of litter you collect.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Can schools, churches and businesses Adopt-A-Stream?
A: Yes. We encourage schools, churches and businesses and other organizations to participate in Adopt-A-Stream as a way to promote community service in their neighborhoods.

Q. How can I get rid of the litter that is collected?
A. The City will dispose of collected litter by Adopt-A-Street volunteers for free! To schedule a pick up, you must call us at (913) 971-9042 and provide information on when and where you want the litter to be picked up.

Q. How can I find out if there is an Adopt-A-Stream group in my neighborhood?
A. We can let you know what streams are adopted via email or by contacting us at (913) 971-9042.

Q. Can I do more than just pick up litter and garbage?
A. Yes. Adopters can also remove graffiti from their neighborhood, stencil storm drains. We would be happy to assist you with these projects.

Q. Do you provide insurance for volunteers?
A. No. This is a volunteer program and must have a responsible adult to organize and watch any group members to assure a safe environment and clean job.

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City of Olathe
Dept. of Public Works
Stormwater Management Section
1385 S. Robinson St.
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