Stormwater Staff Contact List

Rob Beilfuss, Stormwater Manager
Duties:  Program Administration, Floodplain Administration
Office Phone:  913-971-9071
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Mike Sylvester, Development Review Coordinator
Duties:  Development Requirements, Plan Review, Stormwater Management, Best Management Practices, Stormwater Permits
Office Phone:  913-971-9072
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Denver Hicks,  Water Quality Program Coordinator
Duties:  Illegal Dumping, Erosion and Sediment Control, Water Quality Compliance Investigations,
Site Inspections
Office Phone:  913-971-9079
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Mike O’Connor, Stormwater Specialist
Duties:  Stormwater Project Management, Best Management Practice Cost Share Reimbursement Program, Plot Plan Review, Site Inspections
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Randy Northup, Stormwater Crew Supervisor
Duties:  Stormwater System Maintenance, Stream Maintenance, Flooding Complaints, Adopt-A-Stream Program
Office Phone:  913-971-9042
Cell Phone:  913-207-3597
On-Call Phone Number for after hours:  913-927-7107
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City of Olathe
Dept. of Public Works
Stormwater Management Section
1385 S. Robinson St.
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