Erosion and Sediment Control Fact Sheet

Erosion and Sediment Control
As required by the Federal Clean Water Act regulations, erosion and sediment control is required on development in the City of Olathe. The goal of the program is to reduce  sedimentation, protect water quality and preserve the capacity of storm sewers, drainage channels, streams, and structures. (Olathe Municipal Code Title 17.14) Additionally, any land disturbance within the City of Olathe requires a Stormwater permit and fee with the exception of single lot construction. Abatement bonds are also required on projects that disturb one or more acres. Stormwater permit applications and bond forms can be found on the City of Olathe website under Forms & Guidelines.

Construction activity which disturbs 1.0 acres or more requires a permit from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). In order to obtain this permit, the permittee must develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention plan to prevent pollutants from leaving the construction site.

Questions Regarding Erosion Control can be directed to the Water Quality Program Coordinator at 913-971-9079.


Attention: Development Community - Erosion  Sediment Control Awareness.pdf (12/12/2011)

Educational Material

Basics and Erosion.pdf

How to Perform a Compliant Inspection DRH.pdf

Sediment Control and Pollution Prevention.pdf

Jo. Co. Pamphlet for Sediment Control on individual building lots

Temporary Seeding Requirements

All projects which disturb an accumulative area of more than one acre will be temporarily seeded and mulched to the requirements of City of Olathe Technical Specifications Section 7200 immediately after street construction is complete. No other work will be allowed to begin until the seeding and mulching is complete.

General Construction Note Regarding Sequencing of Erosion Control (Include on Plans)

All perimeter silt fence, earth dikes, sediment basins, and rock construction entrances will be installed before grading operations begin, except that silt fence which is to be placed along the back of curb for protection of the street. Silt fence and earth dikes that are placed before grading begins will be maintained by the grading contractor until all utilities are in place. The silt fence that is placed along the back of the curb or Right -of-Way will be installed immediately after the curb is constructed. Erosion and sedimentation controls are temporary and must be removed by the contractor after construction is complete and the disturbed area is at least 70% permanently vegetated.



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