Olathe’s New Stormwater Quality Ordinances adopted on May 1, 2009

The City of Olathe recently developed new standards and ordinances that require new development projects - both public and private - to treat stormwater runoff and preserve natural stream corridors. The requirements are mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency to comply with the city's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.  The changes will result in cleaner water in our lakes and streams and reflect the City's commitment to build a more environmentally sustainable community. 

Ordinances and Standards

The new Stormwater Ordinance is available for your use.

Stream Buffer Ordinance

  • Natural stream corridors will be preserved and only select land disturbance activities will be allowed within the dedicated corridor.
  • Buffer widths vary depending on size and quality of stream.

Post-Construction Stormwater Treatment Ordinance and Standards

  • Requirements shall apply to all land disturbance activities greater than one acre.
  • Best management practices (BMPs) for water quality are required in all preliminary development plans. The BMPs will generally be natural landscaped elements, located within common open space, that infiltrate and filter stormwater runoff.  Examples include wetlands, vegetated swales, rain gardens and native prairie grasses. 
  • The design standard adopted is the latest edition of the Mid-America Regional Council and American Public Works Association Manual of Best Management Practices for Stormwater Quality (MARC BMP Manual) with some modifications to meet the City of Olathe’s requirements

Design Criteria

The Engineering Divisions design criteria for stormwater (DC-4) is currently being updated to reflect the requirements of newly adopted ordinance.

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