Consequences of Falling Behind on Street Preservation

There are a number of consequences that can occur from falling behind on Street Maintenance, including:

  • Shorter Life Cycle of Street: Without following best management practices, the life cycle of pavements is shorter and will require significantly more funding to reconstruct.
  • Safety: If streets are not adequately preserved, cracks and potholes become more prevalent, and safety becomes a concern.
  • Quality of Life: Olathe is a great place to live, and citizens want to keep it that way. In other communities where streets have degraded significantly, the neighborhood's quality of life drastically decreased as a result.
  • Increased Cost for Reconstruction: The cost for reconstruction of one lane mile of a collector street is $1.1 million. If the City does not adequately preserve streets, many will need to be reconstructed, which is significantly more expensive than investing in street maintenance activities.

The image below demonstrates the cost per lane mile to maintain streets now or to rebuild them later.