Access Management

Many of the problems on our street system can be traced to the access provided to abutting property via side streets and driveways. Historically, most decisions to allow access were made relative to individual properties and this piece-meal approach to access planning has frequently resulted in an illogical and excessive number of access points. This can lead to increased congestion and accidents.

"Access management" takes a holistic view of property access relative to the function of the streets from which it is provided. Even further, access should be viewed in the context of the ultimate traffic volumes. What might appear acceptable one day may well be perceived differently in a long-term perspective. In short, access management can be characterized as the strategic provision of access along streets.

This is done to maintain the viability of the street network to safely and efficiently accommodate traffic volumes commensurate with its functions. The City of Olathe has adopted an Access Management Plan for developments.