Flashing Yellow Arrows

Drivers in Olathe will encounter flashing yellow arrows in the city when new traffic signal indicators for left turns are installed in the Spring of 2014. The flashing yellow arrows are planned at the intersection of 151st Street and Brougham, for east and westbound traffic only.

Neighboring communities and many cities across the nation already use the flashing yellow arrow traffic signals. A national study demonstrated that this new signal indication helps prevent crashes and concluded that drivers found the new flashing yellow arrows easier to understand than the traditional yield on green indications.

When drivers approach an intersection displaying a flashing yellow arrow, it is permitted to make a left turn after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. Note: Oncoming traffic has a green light, so drivers must wait for a safe gap in traffic before turning left.

For more information regarding flashing yellow arrows, contact us via OlatheConnect or call 913-971-5180.