Commercial Plan Review Contacts- By Reviewing Department or Division

1. The Planning Commission must approve all new construction and additions. No plans or building permit applications will be accepted by the Code Enforcement Division before formal approval by the Planning Commission (A printable version of this page is available here).

2. Planning Services Division

Contact Person:                                                      Jana Hartnett, Development Coordinator
                                                                                   (913) 971-8972 FAX (913) 971-8960

Several major items reviewed including: Site plans, landscape plans, parking, building materials, elevations, setbacks and zoning.

3. Engineering Division of Public Works

Contact Person Plan Reviewer:                           Bill Davis, Engr Development Coordinator
                                                                                   (913) 971-9051 FAX (913) 971-9099

Contact Person:                                                      Lu Keller, Engr Tech
                                                                                   (913) 971-9073 FAX (913) 971-9099

Contact Person:                                                      Mike Sylvester, Stormwater Engr
                                                                                   (913) 971-9072 FAX (913) 971-9099

Items to be reviewed include: Site plan, storm water calculations, drainage plan, public utilities, parking lot design, traffic controls, contours and elevations, and appropriate details (curbs, drive approaches) and cross sections of pavement. Please refer to the Olathe Design Criteria and Technical Specifications. Bill approves all requests for site grading permits and parking lot permits.

4. Utilities Technical Support Division of Municipal Services

Contact Person:                                                     Rebecca Bilderback, Engineer III
                                                                                   (913) 971-9116 FAX (913) 971-9099

Items to be reviewed include: Compatibility of discharge with treatment plant, pretreatment requirements, such as discharge permit and waste treatment requirements, monitoring facilities requirements and other environmental permits required.

Contact Person Plan Reviewer:                           Joel Koger, Engineering Tech
                                                                                   (913) 971-9066 FAX (913) 971-9099

Items to be reviewed include: Assessment of Water & Sewer System Development Fees, review of utilities site plan, determine if buy-in fees required. (If Johnson County Wastewater or Johnson County Rural Water District is the purveyor, all applicable permits must accompany the building permit application).

Cross Connect Technical Assistance:
                                                                                    (913) 971-9066 FAX (913) 971-9099

Should you require technical assistance when indicating on your application what type of device you wish to install for your project, this contact will qualify what specific types are approved for the particular system you are protecting. These permits are separate of your building permit and one application is required for each device.

5. Fire Department

 Contact Person Plan Reviewer:                           Brad Henson, Fire Marshal
                                                                                    (913) 971-7928 FAX (913) 971-7905

Items to be reviewed include: Fire hydrant location, sprinkler systems, smoke detection system, emergency egress, exit and emergency lighting, fire lane access and fire extinguishers.

6. Building Codes Division

 Contact Person:                                                      Sharon Merchant, Permits Coordinator
                                                                                    (913) 971-9893 FAX (913) 971-9812

Items reviewed include: Occupancy, type of construction, location on property, height and area requirements, occupant load, exiting requirements, disabled persons requirements.  Sharon accepts and tracks all permit applications, coordinates responses/comments, and sets up meetings.  Please contact her for the status of your permit applications.

7. Johnson County Environmental

 Contact Person:                                                      Nick Walter, Environmental Health Specialist
                                                                                    (913) 715-6900 FAX (913) 715-6970

Contact Person:                                                       Bob Fields, Environmental Health Specialist
                                                                                    (913) 715-6900 FAX (913) 715-6970

Items reviewed include: Approval from Johnson County Environmental required on all projects where there is food handling or food preparation is involved. They will also approve all public/semi-public pool installations. (i.e. - subdivision pools, apartment complex pools, condo/townhome complex pools).

8.  State of Kansas, Division of Food Safety and Lodging

Contact Information:                                         109 S W 9th Street, 3rd Floor

                                                                             Topeka, Kansas 66612

Phone:  785-296-5600

Phone:  785-296-7430

Fax:  785-296-6522


Items reviewed include all projects where there is food handling or food preparation involved.