Utility Rates

A public utility is a provider/organization which provides a public service that is "subject to special governmental regulation." The City of Olathe provides several core public utilities including water, sewer, waste water and solid waste services. Water and sewer utility bills are based on usage and storm water and solid waste bills are flat monthly fees. The total operational costs of these services directly impact the utility rates, which in-turn affect your monthly utility bills. There are also external influences which directly impact the cost of providing these services such as federal/state mandates, increasing cost of chemicals/goods, and infrastructure maintenance/replacement.

Utility rates are determined annually by the City Council and are included in the current Schedule of Fees. Although each utility customer's bill is different, the average impact of new water and sewer fees for residential customers has been estimated. The 2016 utility rates took effect January 1, 2016.

Lookup your utility providers with the City GIS mapping system.