Treasury Management

Treasury management includes management of the City's cash resources, investments and debt.

  • It is the City's policy to invest its public funds in a manner which will ensure the preservation of capital while providing the highest investment return with the maximum security, meeting the daily cash flow needs of the City, and conforming to all state and local statutes, including the City’s Investment Policy, governing the investment of public funds. 
  • Debt Management includes the review and analysis of the City's outstanding debt obligations. This includes analyzing where borrowing funds would be in the City's best interest, monitoring the City's debt limits, and assessing the terms of outstanding debt and refinancing the debt to the City's advantage in accordance with the City’s Debt Management Policy.
  • Credit Rating for the City of Olathe

The City obtains a credit rating from agencies such as Fitch,  Moody's Investors Services, LLC and Standard and Poor when the City is looking to borrow long-term debt. The most recent Fitch (AA+) and Standard and Poor’s (AA+) report for General Obligation debt were received in May 2014. The City's bond rating was affirmed or maintained. The most recent Moody’s (Aa2) and Standard and Poor’s (AA) report for Revenue Bonds were received in December  2012 .

Fitch, Standard and Poor’s, and Moody's bond rating indicates that issuers or issues demonstrate very strong creditworthiness relative to other US municipal or tax exempt issuers or issues.