Lifelong Learning at Mahaffie

Travel back in time to the 19th century to learn about the Mahaffie family farm and their Stagecoach Stop!

Basic Program

Approximately 2 hour program, $4/person, minimum of 10Coach people or $40

Exhibit & Video ‐ A visit in the exhibit gives you a background on the Mahaffie family and local Kansas history. The Heritage Center exhibit, I Knew it was a Fine Country, tells the stories of the Mahaffie family, early Olathe and Johnson County, the western trails and stagecoach travel. The exhibit includes a 12 minute film offering more of the site's history. The video "Border War Voices" allows visitors to learn about what settlers went through during the Border War era.

House ‐ You’ll have a guided tour of the restored 19th century house. See how a 19th century Kansas farmhouse was furnished and decorated, in addition to seeing original furnishings belonging to the Mahaffies!

Blacksmith ‐ Watch a blacksmith demonstrate on a real forge the skills that would have helped the Mahaffie’s stagecoach stop and farm in the 1860s.

Optional Program Elements

You have the option of adding these additional elements to personalize your tour, $1/person:

Feeding Chickens and Goats ‐ Help us grind corn for chicken feed, and then feed our hungry chickens and Duncan and Jekyll the goats!

Leather Stamping - Take home a leather bookmark that you leather stamp with your choice of designs!

Cookstove ‐ Head down to the cellar of the Mahaffie house and visit with an interpreter cooking 19th century recipes in our cookstove!

Stagecoach ‐ Take a ride around the farm grounds on our real stagecoach!

Voices from Mahaffie - Have your tour group visited by a first person historical interpreter sharing their story of life during the Mahaffie's time.  Stories include: a stagecoach passenger, a traveler on the Oregon Trail, a gold panner, a farmer or his wife preparing for harvest, and many more!

These programs are designed for adult groups of 10 or more.  Mahaffie also offers several programs for school-aged youth.

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