Google Fiber Coming to Olathe

 Ever since Google announced plans to bring ultra-high-speed internet services to the metro area, Olathe residents have eagerly anticipated its availability in Olathe.  The wait is over.

On Tuesday night, the City Council unanimously voted to approve an agreement with Google to deploy Google Fiber, an ultra-high-speed, fiber-to-the-home network. 

“We are excited to work in partnership with Google to bring this next-generation fiber optic system to Olathe homes, schools and businesses,” said Mayor Michael Copeland. 

Google Fiber offers an internet connection speed 100 times faster than today’s average broadband, paired with crystal clear high definition TV.

As in area cities, Google will build the Olathe Google Fiber network by demand, meaning that determined “fiberhoods” will get Google Fiber service once pre-registration goals are met.

“Olathe residents have embraced innovation and technology like few others, said Copeland. “Our vibrant community spirit is truly second to none and I’m pleased Google recognized this in choosing Olathe as the largest Johnson County city in which to invest thus far.”

Copeland noted that Olathe has always been a tech-savvy community and the Google partnership creates new possibilities for the future. “Technology has influenced the way we live and work in Olathe,” he said. “Tonight’s announcement is about our future and the endless possibilities for Olathe students, businesses and entrepreneurs who will no doubt leverage this technology and connectivity to achieve things that are truly innovative and transformational.” 

For more about Google Fiber, including a map to track its status in Olathe, visit