Community Center FAQ's

Where will the Olathe Community Center be located?

The building will be on the Southwest corner of Stagecoach Park at Kansas City Road & Ridgeview. The address is 1205 E. Kansas City Road • Olathe, KS 66061.

There are many beautiful trees at Stagecoach Park, will they be protected?

Yes, part of the appeal of the location was the landscape and the history in the trees. The Center was designed to protect as many trees as possible. Orange fencing can be seen throughout the project site to protect the trees.

When will the Center open?  Construction officially began in Dec. 2012 with completion scheduled to open July 1, 2014

How large is the building? 71,168 Square feet

How will the Olathe Community Center operations be funded?
The Olathe Community Center is designed to  be financially independent operationally, supported by user fees rather than tax dollars.

What is the cost of the Construction of Community Center project and how is it funded?

·         The project construction cost for the Center and Stagecoach Park Development is $28.5 Million

·         Funded through the Park Sales Tax. GO Bond & Cash

·         Operate the Center on a break even or cash positive basis

What are some of the features of the Community Center?

·         3 middle school basketball courts

·         12,806 square foot Natatorium

o   Water slides; play features; zero depth entry; lazy river & lap lanes

·         Child Watch area

·         Party Room

·         Fitness areas

o   Gym with equipment (including cardio and free weight options)

o   Fitness rooms

·         Catering kitchen

·         Walking track

Will there be childcare available? Yes, child watch will be available for an extra fee of $1 per hour/child for members & $4 per hour/child for non-members during various times throughout the day. Parents will need to be on-site at all times with a two-hour maximum. 
We will also offer a child watch package of $10/child/month for members  and of $13/child/month for non-members  that permit unlimited use of the child watch services when open.  This package will be available for purchase on the 1st of each month. 

Child Watch Hours

Child Watch Policies

What will be the Olathe Community Center Hours? Hours of Operation

What types of programs will the Center offer? With the flexibility of space the community Center will be able to host programs for all age segments of our community. We will have the opportunity to offer senior programs, youth and adult enrichment and physical training programs throughout the Center.

What is considered a family?
A family is defined as up to 5 individuals residing in the same household. A family membership can include up to 2 adults (18+) and 3 or 4 children (membership cannot exceed 5 total). College students (age 19-24) may  be included on a family membership with proof of college enrollment and proof that primary residence is at the membership address.

My family has more than 5, how did the City determine the family membership definition?
When determining the membership options for the community center staff looked at our market research. The research defined the average family in Olathe to be 4.5 individuals to meet with this average the family was then defined as 5. In order to meet the needs of our community the memberships are designed to add additional children for $15 per month/per child (a 65% discount over the individual membership price). Members under the age of 2 are not required to hold a membership.

Are there other options besides membership to access the Center?
Yes, in order to help meet the needs of all users the center will have daily pass options and punch pass options available once the center opens.

How will the Olathe Community Center operations be funded?
The Olathe Community Center is designed to  be financially independent operationally, supported by user fees rather than tax dollars.

Will I be able to rent space? Yes, the flexible design of the Center will allow for group and private rentals. The Community Center will become a great place to host birthday parties, weddings and community and business meetings.

How many full-time and seasonal staff do you anticipate hiring?  We will have 12 full-time staff members, plus the Center manager. Seasonal staff numbers will be determined closer to the opening of the Center in mid-2014.

What is the timeline for hiring community Center staff?  We will begin advertising and hiring full-time staff after the first of the year with the remainder of staff postings opening closer to the Centers opening.

How do I apply for a job at the community Center? Please watch for postings on If you would like to receive job posting updates please fill out the Job Interest Card  and select Parks & Recreation.

Where can I learn more about the Olathe Community Center?

Follow construction updates at and watch progress via webcam at