Lone Elm Park


Lone Elm Shelter

History: Lone Elm Park is a 160 acre community park dedicated in 2004.  The park is built on land that was once known as The Lone Elm Campground.  For several decades, starting in 1821, this site served as a campground and rendezvous point for travelers along the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California Trails. The park features many modern amenities but is unique for its history, native trees, and native prairie that are maintained by park staff. 

During construction of the ball fields, several artifacts were discovered that dated to pioneer travelers.  The park offers visitors a quiet walking trail that winds through forests and prairie lands and past three original water wells.  Visitors can use their imaginations to journey back in time and trod where thousands of pioneers had come before.  The wagon swale can still be seen at one point along the trail where it crossed the creek.  It is a great place to bring the kids and reminisce on the past or participate in other outdoor activities.

Location Description:  The park is located on the south east corner of Lone Elm Road and 167th Street.
Address: 21151 W. 167th Street (gates close at 10 pm)


  • Shelter (Reservable)
    • Rendezvous Picnic Shelter
      Tables - 9 (capacity 72)
      Charcoal Grills - 2
      Water fountain
      Fire place
      Portable Restrooms
      Handicap Parking
    • For more information call (913) 971-8563
  • Historical interpretation kiosks
  • Interpretive sculpture
  • Restored natural prairie
  • 0.7 mile walking trail
  • Soccer Complex with 8 soccer fields (2 with lights)
  • Softball Complex with 5 softball fields (lighted)
Lone Elm Par5k Kiosks